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Ask For Help even with imperfect faith

Do we need to “have it all together?”So many tragic things happen in this world and in our personal lives, that require us to have faith. What happens when the faith we have is imperfect? The truth is that we Read more…

Why people blame God

Today we will look at why people blame God for trials and sufferings in life. This is the second post that looks at Job from the Bible to gain insight into suffering.A few weeks ago, we explored the common (though Read more…

Job's Friends

Have you ever heard the term, “Job’s comforters?” If you’ve ever experienced a tragedy, especially one with your health, you’ve likely gotten a dose of what Job’s friends dished out to him.Job was a blameless and upright man (Job 1:1) who Read more…


One of my favorite places in the world. It’s a hermitage called Pacem in Terris. You may wonder, what is a hermitage? Just as Moses and Jesus went into the desert, so too, have others who have wanted to be Read more…



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